Year 10 students from Goole Academy in Yorkshire recently took part in the inaugural Rise workshop which saw them identify, develop and demonstrate new skills needed for the workplace through interactive, curriculum-linked activities.

During the workshop, the group of 53 students worked through activities which are designed to test and engage them to work collaboratively and in ways that are both familiar to the classroom and relevant to the workplace.

Upon entering the classroom, the 14 to 15 year olds were initially unsure about what awaited them and were even reluctant to remove their coats. However, Talent Foundry’s enthusiastic facilitators and volunteers from Rise partner firms created a learning space inspiring exploration to stretch students outside of their comfort zones and eagerly grappled with real-world working scenarios.  

Volunteers Daniel Arda and Ria Nash from two of Rise’s partner firms, Grant Thornton UK LLP and ICAEW, were there to support on the day. Both were struck by how students gradually increased in confidence and acquired new skills while completing group tasks.

Daniel Arda, Sustainability Manager at Grant Thornton UK LLP commented how the Rise approach developed students’ skills. He said:

“Witnessing the confidence and growth of these enterprising young minds in the space of a few hours truly encapsulated everything great about Rise and its capacity to broaden students’ horizons. I look forward to seeing more volunteers from partner firms join us for further sessions – so that together we can all help this generation to Rise.”

By the end of the session, the students left the workshop with huge smiles on their faces and were visibly grateful to both facilitators and volunteers.

Students were encouraged to share their feedback following the session with one commenting:

“I rated the Rise workshop as ‘Excellent’ because it was inclusive, fun and one of a kind!”

Jordan Whitlam, Teacher at Goole Academy, was similarly pleased as he said:

“Everything about the event was great and the students engaged with every aspect. I would love to offer this as a continued and consistent opportunity to others within the Academy.”

Teaching staff at Goole Academy explained how students faced many challenges, including poverty, social deprivation and difficulties at home. Demonstrating that interventions like Rise can be vitally important in highlighting students’ aspirations and opening their minds to future career possibilities.

It was clear the Rise workshop had great impact on everyone involved – something many people behind the scenes have worked really hard to achieve.

The workshop at Goole Academy was the first of 50 Rise workshops which will be delivered to students in harder-to-reach areas across the UK during this academic year. Successful completion of the first-ever Rise workshop bodes well as Rise seeks to reach more students across the UK.

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