Rise is working in partnership with The Talent Foundry to deliver skills workshops to students at schools in areas of low social mobility across the UK.


These skills workshops link core curriculum subjects to the Skills Builder framework and are set within the context of business.

What does the workshop involve?

The Steps to Rise is a carousel of challenges designed for students aged between 14 to 16 that will test and engage them to work collaboratively and in ways that are both familiar to the classroom and relevant to the workplace.

The workshop takes place over 3 hours and is delivered by one of The Talent Foundry’s facilitators. Supporting the workshop will be volunteers from the employers involved in Rise.

“It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I can see how much the students gained from this, bearing in mind they have missed so much during the Covid year.”

Joanna Potter

Volunteer, Grant Thornton

Workshop benefit 1.

Help students develop skills that employers need

Workshop benefit 2.

Bring curriculum subjects to life by linking them with real-world careers

Workshop benefit 3.

How can I book a workshop?

Whilst we would love to offer workshops to all schools in the UK, we simply can’t do that yet. To find out if your school is eligible, and to book, please visit our charity partner – The Talent Foundry.