Science Lesson Four

Subject: Science

Resource type: Lesson

Skills: Creativity, Listening

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Going Green with Eco-spa: In this activity, students identify the pros and cons of supermarket packaging from both a customer and environmental perspective. Access our comprehensive resource package, including detailed teacher notes, PowerPoint, student worksheet and answer sheet. Adapt to your classroom’s needs for a dynamic learning experience. Login, or create an account, to download these resources.


You are the Head of Product at a large supermarket. You have been asked to do a presentation for the Sustainability Lead explaining which packaging material would be the best fit for your new luxury eco-spa toiletries range, and why. The range includes a handwash, soap and body lotion aimed at customers who are keen to use environmentally friendly products but can still buy the products at low cost.

In a group, you need to identify the pros and cons of the packaging you are analysing for both the customer and the environment. (You will be allocated to either glass, plastic or compostable packaging.) You are then going to present a pitch for your product to the Sustainability Lead. The whole group will then vote on which material to select for eco-spa toiletries.

Learning Aim

To evaluate information and data to draw conclusions, present findings and develop an appreciation of sustainability.

Skills Builder Links

Creativity step 6
I use creativity in the context of work.

Listening step 5
I listen to others and record important information as I do.

Curriculum Table

England: The national curriculum (England)Chemistry – chemical and allied industries
Pupils should be taught about life cycle assessment and recycling to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product’s life.
Scotland: The National 5 Business ManagementChemistry – plastics – addition polymerisation
Plastics are examples of materials known as polymers.
Polymers are long chain molecules formed by joining together a large number of small molecules called monomers.
Wales: WJEC GCSE in business specificationChemistry – crude oil, fuels and carbon compounds
Learners should be able to demonstrate and apply their knowledge and understanding of the environmental issues relating to the disposal of plastics, in terms of their non-biodegradability, increasing pressure on landfill for waste disposal, and how recycling addresses these issues as well as the need to carefully manage the use of finite natural resources such as crude oil.