English Lesson Three

Subject: English

Resource type: Lesson

Skills: Aiming High, Teamwork

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In-Tray Exercise: In this activity, students help Hawk UK to review their proposed interview exercise and establish if it reflects the work successful candidates will undertake. Access our comprehensive resource package, including detailed teacher notes, PowerPoint, student worksheet and answer sheet. Adapt to your classroom’s needs for a dynamic learning experience.


Jayden, a HR officer at Hawk, has been working on the in-tray exercise for candidates to complete on the day. (In-tray activities place candidates in a realistic workplace scenario. Candidates will be asked to complete a task and will then be assessed on their attitude and workplace behaviour.)

Jayden’s in-tray exercise is a proposal request from a fictious prospective client, Gravenstoke Museum. Its aim is to assess candidates’ ability to summarise a proposal request, feedback accurate information to their manager and make informed judgements.

Jayden needs to test the activity to ensure it is fit for purpose. You, along with some of your colleagues in the HR team and the department hiring for the role, have been asked to complete it.

Learning Aim

To summarise a text to determine key ideas and information.

Skills Builder Links

Aiming high step 4
I work with a positive approach to new challenges.

Teamwork step 6
I contribute to group decision making.

Curriculum Table

England: The national curriculum (England)Reading
Pupils should be taught to understand and critically evaluate texts through reading in different ways for different purposes, summarising and synthesising ideas and information, and evaluating their usefulness for particular purposes.
Scotland: The National 5 Business ManagementCritical reading
Summarising: candidates show understanding of the writer’s ideas, narrative events or characterisation through summarising/explaining using their own words.
Wales: WJEC GCSE in business specificationReading skills
Demonstrate independence in synthesising and summarising information effectively from a range of texts.