English Lesson Five

Subject: English

Resource type: Lesson

Skills: Listening, Teamwork

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Navigating a Tricky Email: In this activity, students help a new starter respond to a difficult situation at work. Access our comprehensive resource package, including detailed teacher notes, PowerPoint, student worksheet and answer sheet. Adapt to your classroom’s needs for a dynamic learning experience.


A successful applicant has started a digital marketing apprenticeship at Hawk UK, a digital marketing agency. They spend 80% of their week working for Hawk UK and 20% studying for a BA hons in digital marketing at university.

The new starter has been in post for just over a month and recently received an email from their line manager, Hamish. After reading the email, the new starter does not know how to respond. Can you help the new starter decide how they should respond?

Learning Aim

To select evidence from a text to justify a point of view.

Skills Builder Links

Listening step 5
I listen to others and record important information as I do.

Teamwork step 7
I contribute to group decision making, whilst recognising the value of others’ ideas.

Curriculum Table

England: The national curriculum (England)Reading
Pupils should be taught to understand and critically evaluate texts through seeking evidence in the text to support a point of view, including justifying inferences with evidence.
Scotland: The National 5 Business ManagementCritical reading
Inferring meaning from what is implied by the writer.
Wales: WJEC GCSE in business specificationReading skills
Analyse and respond to texts and their subtexts, using inference and deduction and linking ideas within or across texts.