English Assessment

Subject: English

Resource type: Assessment

Skills: Aiming High, Leadership, Listening, Speaking, Teamwork

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If your students have completed all five english lessons, they are now ready to take on the english assessment activity. Students have 30 minutes to complete this assessment and there are a total of 34 marks available. Good luck!


Embark on an exploration of the professional journeys of an accountant, junior doctor and graphic designer. Delve into the excitement, challenges, and transformative moments of their first days at work. Uncover unexpected lessons, poignant moments and transformative experiences. Perfect for sparking insight in the classroom.

Learning Aim

To consider the learning aims shared in the previous Rise english activities and apply them during this assessment.

Skills Builder Links

Here is a recap of the Skills Builder links developed during the english lessons:

Aiming high step 4
I work with a positive approach to new challenges.

Leadership step 5
I manage group discussions to reach shared decisions.

Listening step 5
I listen to others and record important information as I do.

Listening step 7
I show I am listening by using open questions to deepen my understanding.

Listening step 8
I show I am listening by summarising or rephrasing what I have heard.

Speaking step 5
I speak effectively by using appropriate language.

Speaking step 6
I speak effectively by using appropriate tone, expression and gesture.

Speaking step 7
I speak engagingly by using facts and examples to support my points.

Teamwork step 6
I contribute to group decision making.

Teamwork step 7
I contribute to group decision making, whilst recognising the value of others’ ideas.