Economics Assessment

Subject: Economics

Resource type: Assessment

Skills: Aiming High, Creativity, Problem Solving, Staying Positive, Teamwork

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If your students have completed all five economics lessons, they are now ready to take on the economics assessment activity. Students have 30 minutes to complete this assessment and there are a total of 23 marks available. Good luck!


In the bustling world of international economics, nations face unique challenges and opportunities. Calculate inflation rates, discover the advantages of currency depreciation in Vietnam, assess the impact of rising inflation in Ethiopia, illustrate exchange rate dynamics between the UK and the USA, and analyse the drawbacks of Kuwait’s appreciating Dinar. Students are required to apply economic principles to real-world situations, fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnected global economy.

Learning Aim

To consider the learning aims shared in the previous Rise economics activities and apply them during this assessment.

Skills Builder Links

Here is a recap of the Skills Builder links developed during the economics lessons:

Aiming high step 4
I work with a positive approach to new challenges.

Aiming high step 6
I set goals informed by an understanding of what is needed.

Creativity step 9
I develop ideas by asking myself questions.

Problem solving step 4
I explore problems by creating different possible solutions.

Problem solving step 5
I explore problems by thinking about the pros and cons of possible solutions.

Problem solving step 8
I explore complex problems by analysing the causes and effects.

Staying positive step 7
I look for opportunities in difficult situations.

Teamwork step 7
I contribute to group decision making, whilst recognising the value of others’ ideas.