Maths Lesson Five

Subject: Maths

Resource type: Lesson

Skills: Speaking, Teamwork

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Measuring Happiness in the Workplace: In this activity, students will step into the role of a Human Resources Manager at a national bank and analyse staff satisfaction and well-being data in preparation for a presentation. Access our comprehensive resource package, including detailed teacher notes, PowerPoint, student worksheet and answer sheet. Adapt to your classroom’s needs for a dynamic learning experience.


For the modern business, staff retention is crucial to ensure the continued success of a company. Fatima is the Human Resources Manager at a national bank. She is analysing some of the offices’ staff satisfaction and wellbeing data, in preparation for a presentation she will be delivering to bank executives.

Learning Aim

To determine theoretical probabilities based upon experimental data.

Skills Builder Links

Speaking step 7
I speak engagingly by using facts and examples to support my points.

Teamwork step 8
I contribute to group decision making, encouraging others to contribute.

Curriculum Table

England: The national curriculum (England)Probability
Pupils should be taught to use a probability model to predict the outcomes of future experiments; understand that empirical unbiased samples tend towards theoretical probability distributions, with increasing sample size.
Scotland: The National 5 Business ManagementReasoning skills
Interpreting a situation where mathematics can be used and identifying a strategy; explaining a solution and relating it to context.
Wales: WJEC GCSE in business specificationStatistics
Calculating theoretical probabilities based on equally likely outcomes; Estimating probabilities based on experimental evidence.